November 24, 2004      Volume 1 Issue 49

This week gives you a chance to get lucky and dine like a Maharaja at Quilla

Exotic Italian cuisine blends with and inspires chic designer wear. Check out Mezzo Mezzo's Italian Gourmet Festival and Wendell Rodricks' exclusive collection in Fashion Fusion with Food

Also check out our books section to know the city's literary picks on the Bestsellers List.

Next weekend showcases the Tulleeho Wine Experience and another Smirnoff Tastemaker Session. Check out next week for details and exciting Contests.


Indulge yourself in an exotic evening while you treat yourself to world cuisine delicacies and a range of Morrocan specials this festive season at Quilla, Bar and Grill, Andheri.
Donít hold yourself back while they stir up a sizzling shot at the bar, but give into the temptation of a luscious spread of cuisine and desserts on the menu, ironically sinful yet sweet to your imagination that are also known to leave the most discerning food connoisseurs in a spell.

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