June 16, 2004      Volume 1 Issue 25

Rain, Football and Hookahs! Such is life.

Think rains in Mumbai, and what automatically comes to mind is football. This monsoon, Shooters and other places offer you the chance to watch the matches live on big screen. Scroll down below for more info.

Hookahs are currently the rage in Mumbai. Rohit goes in-depth and gives us the lowdown on the these Sssmoking Sensations.

Our resident globetrotter Nishita takes a break from her wanderlust and takes a look into the intriguing world of Tattoes.

Sakshi gives us with a brief history of our favouite spirit Rum

Cha Bar

This extremely modern and contemporary space is located within the Oxford Bookstore in Mumbai (which is a strict non-smoking zone). Stylish and relaxing, like a modern day literary cafe, Cha Bar is the perfect space to exchange energy and ideas in a friendly atmosphere.
Cha Bar has re- introduced the Indian audience to a vast range of teas blended and prepared with a precision that has resulted after exhausting research of the history of tea, itís passage through the times and the form itís taken on now internationally. Cha Bar creates a quality space that will sell tea, the tea drinking experience and tea related products.
Cha Bar acts as the perfect foil to the busy world outside Ė it is a space of perfect calm amidst chaos.


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