May 26, 2004      Volume 1 Issue 23

With the early monsoon providing no respite from the heat, and instead giving us traffic jams and train stoppages, we at Best of Bombay figured we owe it to you to give you something to get by with. This week we are giving away a couple of free meals at 5 The Restaurant

Our resident backpacker Nishita takes us to Key West, Florida this week.

This week at Best of Bombay we kick off a new series of articles. Our Best Of.. series takes a look at a few categories and the best places in Bombay in those categories.

Also, to add to our new sports section, Rohit Bhatia takes us down the Road to Euro 2004

5 The Restaurant

A chic neighborhood bistro, offering a leisurely, upscale dining experience. With an eclectic menu offering, featuring global fusion, in an ambient setting, paired with fine wines. This small restaurant is probably one of those that you have only heard of from friends. You probably won't even notice until your friend takes you there. And when you do go there, be prepared to delight your senses. The flavours and smells leave you spellbound. The only words to describe the desserts are .."sinfully divine".

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