March 31, 2004      Volume 1 Issue 17

Welcome to another week at BestofBombay. This week in Bombay Buzz, we bring you a whole bunch of exciting events. So scroll down to events section and take your pick of events lined up for this week.

Continuing your alcohol education we have Prof. Nishita lecturing you on Whisky. Most things you would need to know about this barley drink gracefully wrapped up with the Irish Coffee recipe. Click here for lecture notes on Whisky. Do check out the Drinks Section. We have a whole bunch of articles in our archives you can browse through.

And now for the summer vacation, just the place where you would like to lose your year's earnings, or better still probably win this year's booty! Nishita turns tour guide with Vegas!! Read other archived travel articles in our Travel Section

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? This week, win a meal at The Liquid Lounge!
Click Here to win

Liquid Lounge

Click Here
to win lunch at The Liquid Lounge

The Liquid Lounge is located in the heart of South Mumbai & serves eclectic food and drink. Established over 2 years ago, The Liquid Lounge has a reputation that has been held high by sheer excellence in the art of serving Lebanese Food.
Situated in the same building as Karma, Liquid Lounge is one of those places that will remain an evergreen favourite with frequenters.

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