March 10, 2004      Volume 1 Issue 13

As the city revs up for Saturdays cricket match, we're doing our bit by giving you the opportunity to win vouchers to the screening of the matches at Bayside Cafe. Be sure to enter the Bayside Contest as we have a good many to give away, tilting odds in your favour this time! This week we also have an interview with the man behind The Bayside Cafe, Mr. Essa Sham. This week in CitySpeak, Mr. Sham speaks about the idea and philosophy behind Bayside. Click Here to read our interview with Essa Sham.

From the Rio Carnival to the Mardi Gras to Ios and now Nishita dashes of to Ibiza to bring you the lowdown on this crazy place.

This Wednesday check out Andhe Choohe with QTP's Theatre Club. There's lots more showing around the city, be sure to get up to speed with our theatre section and check out Theatre in March.

We received a whole lotta entries for our Smirnoff Contest and owing to the popularity of the contest, we are running it for another week. So CLICK HERE to win yourself a hamper from Smirnoff

The Bayside Cafe

Bayside Cafe is as much an aesthetic treat as a gastronomical one. With provision to hang paintings on its walls, the Cafe has been designed as an art gallery. Furthermore, fine art is not the only form of aesthetics that owner Essa Sham has in mind. Bayside Cafe has also played host to theatre performances like 'Cheers' by Cyrus Dastoor; and food festivals like the Colonial Food Festival.
When asked about the idea behind Bayside Cafe, the owner, Mr. Sham said, "Although we pride ourselves on the quality of food served here, it is not the only idea behind starting the restaurant. Being an Art dealer, I wanted the place to be more than that. That is why, here at the Bayside cafe, we showcase young talent, be it in theatre, photography, or painting. We try our best to locate this kind of talent and provide a different channel for them. We organise exhibitions, plays and other art-based activities, and publicise them" Click Here to read more of our interview with Essa Sham.

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