March 2, 2004      Volume 1 Issue 12


Here's your chance to win yourself a dinner for 2 at Koyla and savour your food, as you enjoy the cool evening breeze. Umm well, just get the answer to the question right and plead with lady luck, or us!

Which hotel is Koyla situated in?

Iranian Dynasty
Gulf Hotel
Persian Durbar

If you spent your 20s in ritzy 1860s Moscow, a night out would have meant Vaudeville Opera, the Bolshoi Theatre or a refined cocktail party. It was to this audience that Piotr Arsenyevich Smirnov opened his small quality distillery. He little imagined that over a century later his family name would have such a significant part ot play on a very different social scene.
During the revolution, the Bolsheviks confiscated all private property and converted the distillery into a state owned garage.
Later on, one of Piotr's sons successfully revived the family business and the 1930s saw the launch of his high quality product on the American Market. The venture was a triumph. By the 1930s, Smirnoff vodka had entered the New World.
This week Smirnoff launches its 'Twist' range of flavoured Vodkas. After the success of Citrus Twist, Smirnoff now brings Twist in other flavours like Raspberry, Orange and Vanilla. This week and Smirnoff bring to you a contest where not only do you get to put on your thinking cap and be your creative best, but also win a hamper of Smirnoff Twist. Enter the Smirnoff Twist Contest.

Please remember, you must be 21 years old or above to participate in this contest. Smirnoff and reserve the right to retain prizes in case of any dispute over age of the participant.

This week we celebrate the festival of colours, Holi and on Monday next week, Womens day. That would mean a whole lot of parties to go to. Take a look at our Monthly Events Calendar so you can plan your month ahead and decide what parties you want to go to this March.

Do check out the winners link and find out whether you have won yourself a free meal at Chat Masala


True to its name Koyla, which means coal, serves food which is patiently cooked over coal by cooks from the Garhwal region. The menu boasts an extensive selection of Dum Pukht and Mughlai treats, which exudes the aroma of cinnamon and cloves, a hint of garlic and the whisper of saffron.

The restaurant also has a Sheesha Bar, which offers wide variety of sheeshas in delicious flavours like apple, mango, watermelon, mint, strawberry, apricot, mixed fruit, cappuccino and peach amongst others, all made from authentic Egyptian tobacco. It also serves desserts and coffees.

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