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Love Me If You Dare
Author: Mriidu Khosla
I simply drowned in this movie. An absolute killer. It renders you dysfunctional and sure does swallow you in its disoriented landscape.

I was hoping to catch this one since the time I saw the trailer. And in spite of being a French movie freak I was startled to come across something so marvelously beautiful. A perfectly balanced love story - with the ingredients of laughter, sorrow, exuberance and most importantly truth and a lot of dares.

As kids we dare to do and seek a lot. Dare to push ourselves to do the most unimaginable things. Dare to wake up and wish to see all nonsensical things come to life. Dare to aim for limitless boundaries.

But how far can we go to play with life? To allow a game to save and ruin our system all at the same time. Who makes these rules and what are the factors governing them? What if we break free, regardless of the outcomes and conquer all our inhibitions?

Its fun, its alienated, its beautiful, its disturbing, its creative, its original and most importantly highly entertaining. Love me if you dare – dares you to see the world through the eyes of Julien and Sophie. Every single day, every second and every moment is nothing but a game of Dare for these kids. Pushing each other to ludicrous activities and seeking happiness in a way to run from their childhood miseries. The game never really stops even when they grow up. And then the real nasty war begins. Statistics remain same but the logistics change.

The calls get louder and the needs deeper. The more they push themselves, farther they seem to move away from each other. And then the biggest question arises. Do they dare to love each other?

And from that point on, the longest most treacherous journey begins yet the game never stops. The fun element refuses to die, even when hearts are breaking and minds are shattering the last sense of sensibilities left. They just can’t seem to stop throughout the movie and the ride seems never ending.

One of the most colorful movies I have ever seen. Undoubtedly an original and unique masterpiece. The performances absolutely splendid. Academy award winner Marion Cotillard steals your heart again and in the most refreshing manner ever. And Guillaume Canet makes you just want to be him. Smart, sexy, saucy, wicked and beyond brilliant. Yann Samuuell has delivered an exceptional script and executed it flawlessly.

Wake up to a new approach in life. You wont have to dare to watch this one. Are you game?

Rating: 8.8/10

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