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S.T.R.I.P. club in India!
Author: Priyanshi Saxena
While waiting the queue to enter Prithvi Theatre, I feared being STRIPPED for my money. But I came out quenched!

PROJECT S.T.R.I.P. is comedy, not a mindless one, but a humourous take on ‘what man has made of man or what money has done to the human brain!’

The play is about Capitalism vs Humanism- a live battle was on display. The writer Ram Ganesh Kamatham uses two corporate exploiters (Tariq Vasudeva and Shruti Sridharan) as the face of money (they bear no resemblance to Gandhi). The Company is trying to juice out a tribal land for monetary gain. They want to setup a shop on this remote island; with the only hindrance being the resident tribe (with a name that one must not pronounce, purely to avoid public humiliation!) When the cost of developing the tribe and washing their (the company’s) souls becomes too high, they go the normal business way- termination of the problem. Poor Aarti (Dilnaz Irani) and Capt. Roy (Harssh Singh) battle this crippling and fight for equality and fraternity of the tribal people till the frogs vanish (watch the play to understand the ecology and herbology of the island). Another fighter is Neil Bhoopalam (The Alliance)- who also believes in fighting for rights but are well armed for this war!

In this chaos of the developmental world, one can see the hollowness of the twentieth century mind. But the play leaves some thinking, some scratching their heads to baldness, and some saying WHAT? (Those are the ones searching for Q on stage!). PROJECT STRIP is a reflection of today’s society, and the lack of humans in it!

The director Quasar (Q) says, “For the first time we have applied a laboratory style process to working on a play. The writer, designers, actors all are resources out of which the story and play has emerged. This way of working, we hope has resulted in an incredibly intense, honest and bizarrely funny piece of theatre. We had a good time creating it, and I’m sure the audience will have good time receiving it.”

Music by Gulshan Devaiah was really accentuating, as he played on with various percussion instruments (and random things he strummed on to come up with really amazing sounds) and even some instrument that looked like an alphorn! Also, his little jiggy act is something to watch out for!

In the set, the most amusing element by the set and prop designer Dhanendra Kawade is the fish tank table. The liquid state of being, and surrounding- I have no clue what that is…but the table was damn nice. A minimalist set, that worked!

VERDICT: Since this play is on only till the 5th of July, BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW!

QTP will show Project S.T.R.I.P. for 17 shows only from:

June 16 to June 21 at Prithvi Theatre
June 27 & June 28 at Sathaye College Auditorium
July 1 to July 5 at NCPA Experimental Theatre

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