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Rendezvous with artist, Alex Rodrigues
Source: Alex Rodrigues
"You have seen colours take different forms with the aid of a paintbrush, now come see it done with bare fingers, Cuz thats how I got the imagination back to life" - Alex Rodrigues. Get a sneak peak into what this interesting artist has to say about his creative venture.

Background of yourself:

I was born in Kuwait, a Bsc graduate (chem. Major), studied 2 years of electronic engineering, diploma in Interiors and Fitness n nutrition.
I started painting as a child, and was always encouraged by parents. Hence I am here today - a self taught artist who paints every tiny detail of his paintings with his bare fingers.

Could you explain your style of art?

I paint with my fingers, every tiny detail in each of my painting is done with fingers , without the use of brush or tools, I am not limiting myself to any particular style of art as yet, I just love doing everything and anything that comes to heart.
I paint on canvas, paper, wood, walls, doors , everywhere with oils, acrylics, water colours, enamel paints, I try everything… but most of my works are in oils and acrylics. Each work is multi layered..

Where do you seek inspiration for your art?

I get inspired from the greatest artists creations, God, everything he has created is inspiring. But I usually paint from the heart. I grew up with my mum and 2 sisters, so yes women are very inspiring, I must say and Jesus Christ is my favourite muse..

What are your ambitions as an artist?

Ambitions hmmm …well I always wanted my art to go outside the country, that happened long back, then wanted to do an exhibition outside the country. I was also selected for one in the beautiful city of Vienna in august, so that’s also done….. Now I wish to sell each painting for a few crore rupees. Well I always hope to create differently, like I do now, with my bare fingers… so will always want to do something different. I’m remembered for my works and my unique style.

What tips do you have for other artists who want to get started?

Well its easy, No.1- God is Alpha, and ego is bad..
No2- practice makes man perfect .. keep painting….
No 3- go with ur heart, paint wat u like….
No 4- if u ever feel like, or think of exhibiting, go for it, don’t hesitate.

Moving to entertainment

Describe Bombay in few words.

Not possible… ok hmmmm, Bombay- the place to be.

What are your favourite hangouts in Mumbai?

Hmmm there are quite a few, My Home , Marine drive Grounds for football , A few clubs n coffee shops in town , Himalaya is my most favourite hangout, that’s where I buy all my art stuff from,and sometimes paint too. I think it’s the company that makes a place a good place to chill.

How would you spend an ideal weekend?

A little with close friends, a lot with family, dancing and painting.

What would you do to unwind yourself from the busy work schedule?

Dancing and painting are my passion, when I start considering it work, I will have to unwind, so ill know only then , because that’s usually what I do to unwind from anything..
But yes there are a few things, a lovely heavenly head massage from mum, a workout and some good music..

Which are your favourite movies?

Ten Commandments, Passion of Christ, Good bad and the ugly, Forest Gump, Notting Hill, Million dollar baby, Shrek and a few more that I don’t remember right now

What kind of music do you like to hear?

Love ballads,Rock Ballads, Luciano Pavarotti, Latin (especially Cuban),Celtic, Retro, this is what I love to hear… Since I am a dancer . I love music, RnB, hip hop, house, classical, name it I like it

Anything else you would like to share with the readers of bestofbombay.com?

Oh yes firstly.. My Exhibition – BARE FINGERS- starts on June 1st Monday goes on till June 7th Sunday.. everyone’s invited,, please carry your cheque books along … just kidding.
Second- it is all of us that keeps Bombay rocking, so keep up the good work..

For more images and details of the artist Click Here

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