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20 Amazing Uses for Beer and Vodka
Author: Aditya
1. Clean Jewelery Put a few drops of vodka onto a soft cloth and wipe your jewelery gently. You can also dunk your diamond ring into a small glass of vodka for 2 minutes and wipe it dry until you can see the sparkle. However, you can only do this for jewelery with crystallized gemstones like diamond and emerald. Otherwise the alcohol will damage the gemstone. For gold jewelery minus gemstones, you can pour some beer onto a soft cloth and wipe it gently to dry. Beer is good for polishing solid gold to get the gold shine.

2. Clean Glass Pour a few drops of vodka onto a soft cloth and wipe glasses or your eyeglasses for cleaner and clearer viewing.

3. Remove Stains Pour some vodka or beer onto the stains (on cloth or on carpet) and gently scrub the area with a brush to remove the stain. Then, blot the area with some water until it is clean.

4. Promote Healthy and Lushes Hair For healthy and lushes hair, try this at home. Mix 15ml of beer into 70ml of warm water. Right after you shampoo your hair, rub the mixture gently to your hair and rinse it off.

5. Insect Repellent Put some vodka into a spray bottle. Spray bugs such as wasps, mosquitoes, ants or bees to keep them away.

6. Clean Furniture Put some beer onto a soft cloth and gently wipe your furniture made of wood to clean them up.

7. Emergency Disinfectant For minor cuts or wounds, blot the area with a cotton wool soaked in vodka to disinfect the said area. For skin affected by poison ivy, just pour the infected area with some vodka. You can also use vodka to disinfect and relieve the pain from jellyfish sting.

8. Remove Foot Odor Wash your feet with vodka and clean them up with some soap and water. After you dry your feet, pour some talcum powder onto your feet to remove odour. Do this often until the foot odour is totally removed.

9. Keep Flowers Fresh Just add a few drops of vodka together with a teaspoon of sugar into the water in your flower vase to keep your fresh flowers fresh for a longer time. However, don't forget to change the water regularly, together with the fresh drops of vodka and sugar.

10. Disinfectant Wash To sanitize your clothes, just put a few drops of vodka into some warm water, mixed together with some detergent. Soak your clothes in the solution for half an hour. Then, wash the clothes normally in water.

11. Kill Weeds Put about 30ml of vodka, a cup of plain water and a few drops of liquid dish soap and mix the solution together. Put the solution into a spray bottle. Just spray onto the weeds in your garden or yard when there is sunlight. This is important so that the solution can react in the heat of the sun to kill off the weeds.

12. Relieve Toothache Soak a cotton wool with some vodka and dry the excess liquid. Put the cotton wool onto the affected area and bite through the said cotton wool to temporarily relieve the pain.

13. Relieve Sprains and Strains Put half a cup of vodka and half a cup of plain water into a Ziploc. Freeze it. You can apply the cold pack onto the affected areas to relieve sprains, body aches or strains around your eyes.

14. Remove Adhesive Bandage Pour some vodka onto the adhesive bandage and you will find it easier to remove the bandage minus the pain.

15. Clean Bathroom Since vodka also contains alcohol, it can be used to clean up and sanitize your bathroom tub and washing basin. Just pour some vodka over your washing basin and bath tub and wait for several minutes before you scrub them with a brush. This is an easy way to remove mold and mildew.

16. Prevent Blades From Rusting Just soak your used razor blades (which you plan to reuse) into a glass of vodka to sterilize the blades and prevent them from rusting.

17. Fertilizer I am not sure whether this is true but according to a friend of mine, you can also use beer to fertilize your plants, as beer contains nutrients needed by plants. Just pour some beer around the plants occasionally. Please remember not to do this excessively or you will kill your plants instead.

18. Trap Slimy Pests In order to trap snails that damage your plants, find a container without a lid. You can even use an empty can with the top removed. Bury this container inside the earth with the top left opened (where the snails are often seen). Pour about half a can of beer into the container and leave it overnight. The snails will be attracted to the smell of beer. You will find these snails drowned inside the container, (and probably they are also drunk) the next day.

19. Clean Brushes Soak either your toothbrush or hair brush into a glass of vodka for several minutes to disinfect the brush fiber.

20. Relieve Fever Soak a clean face towel inside a solution of half a cup of vodka plus half a cup of water. Drain the excessive liquid and wipe the towel onto your chest and on your back. I was told that this method is used by the Russians to relieve fever.

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