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Fun Beer Games
Author: Niket Gandhi
Source: http://amog.com/lifestyle/best-drinking-games/
Beer Hunter:

This an all time favorite drinking game. It requires no thought, so it’s good for everyone at the party, and is so easy you understand the rules when you’re already drunk. Take a bunch of cans and put them in a box. You can use a six pack or a twelve pack, but make sure there’s at least one for every person.
Shake one of the beers up and when you think it’s shaken enough, shake it some more. Make sure that it’s about ready to explode on its own. Return that beer to the box with the rest and mix them up without looking. Be sure no one else is looking either. Then, everyone takes turns by grabbing one of the beers, tilting it toward their face and opening it.
If your beer doesn’t go all over your face, you lose and have to drink the beer. If it does, then you win, and you get a smelly beer face and look like a loser with no beer to drink. Just remember, you won!

TV / Movie Beer Game:

This drinking game is played at someone’s house and is equally good with just a few people as it is with a lot of people. Everyone agrees on a television show or movie to watch.
Before the movie or show starts, you make the rules of when everyone has to take a drink. For instance, if you’re watching The Simpsons, you could make up a rule that everyone takes a drink every time Homer says, “doh” and everyone has to drink two drinks every time Homer or Bart’s name is mentioned.


Okay, here’s the old standby. Everyone knows how to play quarters, but it warrants mentioning since it’s a classic. Again, there’s no real thinking involved. You need some sort of alcohol, a quarter and a shot glass.
The object of the game is to bounce the quarter off of the table and into the glass. If you’re successful, you can choose who takes a drink out of all of the other players and you get another turn. Your turn continues until you miss. Once you miss, you must take a drink.
The real fun comes in when someone makes three in a row because then they get to make up a rule. For instance, the ever-popular rule of not being able to say “drink” “drank” or “drunk”. Anyone that does receives a penalty of having to take another drink.

Boat Races:

This drinking game is best if played with at least ten people, but the important thing is that you at least have an even number. One thing you don’t need for this game is intelligence or the ability to comprehend, which is why this game is ranked as number two on my list.
Everyone splits into two teams and sits opposite the other team on the floor or at a long table. At the start of the race, one person on each team drinks their beer as fast as they can.
When they’re done, they put their glass, can, or bottle down. Once that person sets their empty beer container down, the next person on the team is free to drink their beer, and so on. The first team in which all of the members have finished their beers wins.

Beer Bomb:

For the two-player game of beer bomb, you need two tables (card tables work great), two cups and a ping pong balls. Spread each table apart from the other and place one cup on each table. Each player stands behind their respective table and takes one ping pong ball and attempts to get in his/her opponent’s cup by bouncing it off of his/her own table and (hopefully) into the opponent’s cup.
The other player then makes an attempt at the same thing. After one player makes it in their opponent’s cup, the other player must make it in on the next turn. If (s)he doesn’t, (s)he has to take a drink. If (s)he does, then his/her opponent must take a drink.

Beer Pot:

In order to play this drinking game, you need a large pot or pitcher. Everyone playing sits in a circle and empties one beer into the pot. The pot goes around in the circle and everyone takes turns drinking from the pot. Each person can drink as little or as much as (s)he wants.
The winner is the one who finishes what’s in the pot and the loser is the one that took a turn immediately before him/her. The loser is out for the next round and play continues. If you’re in a setting where the beers haven’t already been purchased, traditionally, the loser buys the next round of beers. The play continues until there is one single winner.

Ice Tray Quarters:

Yes, another quarters game! The play of ice tray quarters has the same rules as regular quarters except for a few minor differences. The obvious difference is that you use an ice tray instead of a glass. Another major difference is that one side of the tray is denoted for drinks given and one is denoted for drinks taken.
If you get the quarter in the “given” side, then you can chose who gets to take a drink. If it’s on the “taken” side, you must take a drink. The real fun comes in since there are multiple compartments in the ice tray on each side. If you get the quarter in the second one from the front on the “taken” side, you must drink two drinks.
If it’s in the third compartment, you must drink three, and so on. Conversely, if you get the quarter in the second compartment on the “given” side, you can chose two different people to drink one drink or you can choose one person to drink two drinks. The player continues his or her turn until (s)he misses or gets it in the “given” side.

Paddle Pong:

For beer pong, you need cups, ping pong paddles, ping pong balls, and a ping pong table. If you don’t have a ping pong table, you can use a rectangular table with a make shift net. For the net, use a piece of string tied to two chairs on either side of the table and paper towels draped over the string. You can play singles or doubles, so you need two or four people to play. Each person fills a cup with beer and puts the cup one paddle width from the end of the table and in the center with reference to “side to side” for singles. For doubles, put the cup one paddle width from the edge on the side.
When playing, if you hit the ball over the net and it hits the cup of an opponent, you’re awarded one point and the opponent must take one sip from the cup. If you manage to get the ball in the cup, you are awarded five points and your opponent must drink whatever is left in the cup.

The Word Drinking Game:

The way you play this game is very simple. Someone thinks of a word that’s prohibited to say and whoever says it has to take a drink. You can make it a game where people get drunk fast by designating the word “the”, “it, or “and” as the word or you can choose a word that’s not quite as common. Obviously if you’re trying to get loaded, pick something simple.

Indian Poker: Most people have heard of Indian Poker, but it’s especially fun to play as a drinking game. You need a deck of cards to play this game. Someone deals one card face down to each player. Without looking at the card, each person puts their card on their forehead so that everyone else can see it. With the rules that aces are the highest and 2s are the lowest, each player determines whether they think they have the highest card. The person to the left of the dealer starts the betting (in drinks). The next person calls, raises or folds. This goes around until everyone has folded or called.
If you fold, you must drink however many drinks as you previously bet. If you call and lose, you must drink as many drinks as you bet. The winner drinks nothing. It’s rather simple and sounds a bit stupid, but once you get a few drinks in you, half the fun is watching everyone else with cards on their forehead looking like a dork.

One Big Chicken:

All you need for this game is a group of people, beer and someone that knows all of the phrases to this game. The first person says the first phrase on the list of ten. The next person must say the second phrase and then the first phrase. It goes in the same fashion as The Twelve Days of Christmas in that if you’re on the fifth phrase, you must recite the fifth one and then the other four in decreasing order.
If you mess up, you must take as many drinks as the number of phrases you were suppose to complete and then the game starts over with the next person. The game is over when all ten phrases are said correctly or everyone is too drunk to care, whichever comes first. Here are the phrases.
•One big chicken
•Two cute ducks
•Three brown bears
•Four hairy running hares
•Five fat females sitting, sipping scotch and smoking cigarettes
•Six sheets slit by Sam the sheet slitter
•Seven sexy Siamese sailors sailing the seven seas
•Eight echoing egotists echoing egotistical ecstasies
•Nine naughty knocked up nuns navigating the Nigerian Desert towards the nunnery
•Ten fig pluckers plucking figs; I’m not a fig plucker or a fig pluckers son but I’ll pluck figs until the fig plucking’s done!

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