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Ways to beat the Heat this Summer
Author: Anvita Khandwala
It’s April and it’s getting hotter !! and will get way hotter so I found out a few ways to beat the heat.

Going for a nice swim would be awesome – SO you should pack your swimming trunks and go to your clubs for a nice swim late in the evening (to avoid a tan). It really refreshes you. Even better organize a pool party with your friends that comprise of snip bits and beers. Even a rain dance can do it. Dancing to music with the sprinklers going off around you is an awesome idea for a party its fun !!! you meet your friends and you are not sweating!!!

Thinking further , Water parks also really do the trick . If you are really want to spend an entire day cooling off, nothing better than a chilling down those crazy waterslides, and sitting in the ring like a king in the lazy river .

The most extreme and the best way to run away form this city’s heat wave is to take a trip somewhere cold. You can try the braving rapids of Rishikesh in the Himalayas in Uttarakhand .Rishikesh is also close to the Corbett National park wherein if you are lucky you can spot a tiger !!! Other places you can try for are Manali, Shimla, the Dharamshala, Kullu, Nainital etc.

Okay !!Okay!! I got carried away some ideas more local .Shower and wash your hair in ice cold water. Get those ice packs from a store and put it on your face to avoid heat boils ( also feels GREAT !!!) . Try to be in A.C most of the time catch a movie or chill at the malls even if you walking on the road and dying of the heat pop into an ac store (for the heck of it) for a few minutes of bliss.

Would you like to get a brain freeze in a heatwave – Great way to do so is to go out for the new mineral water Golas , or the Italian Gelatos , or call for Iced mocha or a cold Late instead of a cappuccino or just go for your old-fashioned ice-cream drives. If you don’t wanna get out make lemonade at home.

Try to stay indoors as much as possible – cut down on your walks at the park ..go to the beach instead the wind is crazy !! If you need to work out use the gym or just do your crunches at home .But if you “HAVE” to GET OUT, do remember to wear sunscreen everyday religiously. Black makes you look thin but, wearing white and other light colors is a must during summer. You'll be losing weight anyway from all the heat. Carry an umbrella with you all the time ,will help getting the scotching sun of your head or even better wear a hat or a baseball cap and don’t forget your shades !!! If you are really dying with the heat carry along with you the Japanese fan everywhere you go or even better try the battery operated windblower- they keep you cool and look really cute too !!!

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