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Go Backpacking With Yogesh Shah Of The Backpacker Co!!
Source: Mr Yogesh Shah
Backpacking is a a trip which does not have fixed itineraries but is flexible and allows plenty of freedom to discover and experience a city as a local. Passionate traveller Yogesh Shah a.k.a Yogi heads The Backpacker Co. Lets get a sneak peak into what he has to say about backpacking and entertainment!!!!!

What inspired you to get into backpacking?

I always wanted to get out and see the world, meet new people, see them in their local environment but did’nt have the money, so the best way to bridge my pocket and my dreams was to opt for a low cost travel plan and backpacking it was. There is no better way to see and ‘experience’ a destination then to hang out with the locals.

Do you think that backpacking lets you have a more personal relationship with the people of the countries you visit as opposed to other ways of travel?

Surely. Backpacking as a way of travel lets you mingle with the locals and that adds so much of an element to your trip. When you have a luxury holiday your interaction with the locals is limited and with backpacking you really get to taste the local flavours and hangout at the local joints.

What were the worst and pleasant experiences you had while backpacking?

Too many to write!!! But one of the best would be attending a SATSANG in an obscure village of Portugal at a pensione we were staying at which was run by a local lady who followed the teachings of an Indian guru.
Regards worst experiences.. I would call them learning experiences. One of them was when I was mugged in Athens though by god’s grace they left my passport and tickets.

What do you think is the most important advice you would give to newcomers?

That would be surely seize the moment and get out. See the world and so many doors are open up for you. The experience one gets is too huge to even fathom. You grow in confidence and the fact that you can set foot anywhere in the world and have a great time, make friends etc gives you an awesome high. Don’t wait for others to join us, chart your journey and other will surely follow.

Moving to entertainment

Describe Bombay in few words

Home. Cosmopolitian. Buzzing. Cultural.

What are your favourite hangouts in Mumbai?

Soul fry at pali naka, Crosswords, prithvi theatre, PVR juhu,

How would you spend an ideal weekend?

Planning my next holiday

What would you do to unwind yourself from the busy work schedule?

Visualize that next backpacking trip

Which are your favourite movies?

Roman Holiday, Khatta Meetha, Chupke Chupke ( the one with Amitabh & Dharmendra ), Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Four Weddings & a Funeral

What kind of music do you like to hear?

Any easy music.

Anything else you would like to share with the readers of bestofbombay.com?

Please find attached details of our next backpacking trip to CENTRAL EUROPE where Suchna and me both will be traveling. This is an ideal trip for people who have always wanted to get out but wanted company.

Happy Travelling!!

To know more about The Backpacker Co log on to www.thebackpackerco.com

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