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The Doors
Author: Niket Gandhi
It is a biopic on the 1960’s American Band with the same name, but focuses on the life of the legendary lead singer of the band Jim Morrison. Van Kilmer plays the role of Jim Morrison and has an uncanny resemblance to him, Meg Ryan plays Jim’s love interest Pamela Courson. The movie has been directed by Oliver Stone.

In the movie we see Morrison as a larger than life character who loves the rock-n-roll, the drug usage and the hippie generation of the 60’s, but we also see his alcoholism, his drug usage and the effects on the mind, the spirituality he possessed and the use of hallucinogenic drugs as entheogens. The film also shows the inclination towards death that Jim Morrison had and is portrayed by a person Jim sees at different times and stages in his life when he is hallucinated.

The movie highlights the different incidents in his life that developed him and also disintegrated him into the state he was before his death. It showed the happenings that would shape the course of Jim’s life. He is shown to have witnessed the death of a Native American, and the movie also gives insights into his introduction to the Venice Beach culture, the school days at UCLA where he met Pamela, his introduction to Ray Manzarek (The Doors- Keyboardist) and soon we witness the birth of The Doors. The movie progress ahead and The Doors are introduced to the drug culture, the hallucination and what better place to observe this than the Death Valley, which is where Jim is supposed to have taken the band members to see the effects of these chemicals of joy.

Soon The Doors became famous but its clearly visible Morrison is addicted, be it the stage antics or the improvised lyrics, as the band rose the ladder of fame Morrison personally was falling at a fast rate. He was soon hung up on alcohol and repeated drug use, started missing recording sessions and was in general infatuated by himself as “The Lizard King”. The low point of the career came when Jim came late and went naked on stage in Miami and was held for indecency but along with this he lost respect of his band mates. With the growing use of drugs the film depicts Morrison lives in the state of perpetual haziness and hass mystical sexual encounters with Patricia Kennealy a rock journalist. The movie then moves ahead to the death of Morrison.

Morrison is found dead in the bathtub in Paris by Pamela, the movie then shows her die 3yrs later. It ends with the note “Jim Morrison was said to have died of heart failure. He was 27. Pam joined him 3yrs later.”

The movies is “the ultimate story of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll”

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