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The Godfather
Author: Niket Gandhi
The Godfather aptly named is a book by Mario Puzo that celebrates the life of Don Vito Corleone and Don Michael Corleone and has become synonymous with the Italian Mafia.

It is well known for bringing Italian Mafia terms like capo regime, consigliere and omerta to words rest of the world.

It begins with incidents that showcase the power, wealth, influence and the brain behind the man of the Don Vito Corleone. It may be convincing a Hollywood producer to hire his godson Johnny Fontana for a role he is perfect for which he had initially ruined. The Don or The Godfather has 3 sons Sonny, Freddie and Michael of which Sonny is a bit hot-tempered and Freddie is weak, but it s Michael who has the charisma and ruthlessness that makes him the perfect heir and he also has a daughter Connie who is married to Carlo Rizzi. The Don has also adopted a kid called Tom Hagen who is his consigliere. Tessio and Pete Clemenza are his caporegimes running two strong arms and other money making business of The Don.

The story progress with the Turk Sollozzo offering The Godfather a cut in the narcotics business in return for the politicians (the The Godfather seems to carry like loose change in his pocket), and protection that The Don has to offer. But The Don being straitlaced denies the offer and also states that he would not allow the operation to run.
The Turk with millions at stake decide to take help of the remaining four of the five New York families (Mafia run businesses) to kill The Don and then go ahead with his plan.

The Turk succeeds to injure The Don but not kill him; Sonny in his temper goes behind the five families but gets himself killed in haste. Freddie who has witnessed the whole incident is in state of shock and is sent run a hotel in Las Vegas that is owned by a friend of The Don. Michael returns from the army to help out the family getting into trouble with the local chief of police who is bought by the Barzini (The stronger of the remaining four families) and Tattagila. Michael takes out vendetta on the police chief who has severely disfigured Michaels face and murders him and the Turk.

Michael then is sent to Sicily in exile till matters cool in New York and his father recuperates. The Don sensing that his son can’t be brought back to the US without the getting killed makes peace with the five families. On his return Michael is welcomed to the family business and soon takes over the family and is proclaimed The Godfather.
Meanwhile The Don’s health falters with age and he passes away playing the garden with his grandson.

The official new Don Michael soon plots revenge and eliminates all his enemies including his brother-in-law Carlo on the day of baptizing of his sisters son to whom he his The Godfather. Michael thereafter leaves New York and goes to start a legitimate family business in Las Vegas.

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