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Dressing for a Date
Author: Isha Gopal
Going on a date has always been super exciting - butterflies doing back flips in ones belly, plenty of nerves and the prospect of meeting someone who could potentially change your life. And it doesn’t make it easier to have to worry about what to wear!

But while what you wear is important, it is equally important to keep in mind that the best dates are always described as being the most comfortable, spontaneous and fun.
Most men remember not what a woman was wearing on a date, but her confidence and smile. Similarly most women enjoy dates with men who are fun to be with, engaging and whom they can respect; not necessarily the best dressed.

But then again, despite being warned against judging a book by its cover; first impressions are not only important but also subconscious and practically impossible to escape from. And experts still insist that you can look 10 times more attractive and appealing simply by the way you dress. So naturally one has a right to be concerned about how one is coming across – women want to look sexy but not too sexy, they want to look dressed up but not like they tried too hard, they want to look like themselves but better! And in the achieving of this fine balance, it’s important to keep a few things in mind…

The context

What kind of date is it? Is the date sporty and casual like a trip to an amusement park or more of a traditional, formal dinner date?

Whatever the case may be, you want to dress according to the occasion, it would be ridiculous to turn up in high heels and a short skirt to watch a cricket match at a sports bar, and yes, you would turn heads, but for all the wrong reasons!

You’d rather be wearing a t-shirt that looks sensual but not trashy. Choose a structured t-shirt that is designed for women. Don’t wear boxy and unisex t-shirts unless you want to look sexless, and do not cut up or tie up your t-shirts to make them “sexy”, you’ll only end up looking as if you didn’t know where to find a decent t-shirt.

If you were doing a more formal dinner date at a fancy-ish restaurant, it would be better to avoid jeans. If you have a choice between pants and a skirt, go with the skirt. Skirts are more feminine and will make you feel sexier, and more confident.

Guys – the same rules apply to you! Dress appropriately; you cannot turn up for a fancy dinner date in shorts. If you’re not good at picking things out for yourself, get a second opinion preferably from a friend/sister or another woman in your life.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to dress to make a statement, for instance, if you may be a huge videogame fan, but there’s no need to wear a t-shirt to proclaim this to the world, unless of course you are sure that your date would approve.

Context also comes in around age – dress your age! Don’t wear something your grandmother or pre-teen sister would wear. Dressing too old or too young for your age is a sure way of being remembered as laughable.

Comfort comes first

Chances are that the date itself is going to make you nervous as hell. That coupled with the fact that you want to be cool and confident makes comfort the most important aspect of what you’re going to wear.

Dress for yourself. When you feel that you can conquer the world, your date will probably notice. Always wear your sexiest pair of underwear – not for your date, but for yourself, you’ll exude sexy confidence all night/day long!
Wear shoes that you’ve worn before and are comfortable in, if you aren’t comfortable in heels, try a lower heel height or thicker heels – both of which are easier to walk in. Wear clothes that fit you properly – you don’t want to spend your time fidgeting, adjusting and wondering whether you look all right. Make sure you can move with ease in skirts or dresses. Feel good about you! If you want to wear a lucky t-shirt/skirt/ or shoes, go for it! They go a long way in making you feel pleased with yourself and therefore more confident and at ease.

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