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NRI Speak
Author: Rishabh Kachchhy
Source: As quoted by Yash Trivedi
Coming down to Bombay is always such a great experience. Especially because in Canada, you never get to see so much buzz and hustle. And every time I come back there’s something different to offer. Somehow I never need to visit the same places on the next trip. There’s just so much happening.

This time I chose to come down with my girlfriend, she’s Indian and yet has never been to Mumbai her entire life. We were down for three weeks, most of which were spent with family but we made sure we visited loads of places on weekend as Chitra, my girlfriend wanted to experience the Bombay nightlife. Hence, we tried to look at every kind of ‘scene’ nightclubs the city had to offer.

We were able to check out the famed Aurus Friday Nights in my second week here. The place is done up well, and we really liked the music here. Just the type we liked. Service was a little slow, but you can’t expect much with so many people crammed into such small space, all wanting to have a good time, be seen and splurge. The Saturday after, we though we d check out the newly opened Bonobo. The place was great, chilled out, just like Zenzi was and had a distinct buzz around it. They offered me to make my own drink, I refused and I’m seriously regretting it right now. I’d suggest this place to anyone not in the mood for a pretentious party, looking out for some good music, lovely food and won’t mind the long wait to get served (they’re seriously understaffed).

We hit China house after that, hearing it was the thing to do on Saturdays. The music here was awesome. Commercial, yet no Bollywood. The crowd was great, the buzz was great, I got served a heavily dozed drink and the place was open till 3. We had nothing more to ask for. Although we felt these guys could really work on their PR skills. (They re a bunch of rude &^%*s). After all the frenzy we headed to our favourite after party spot, the Zaffran in town to grab some Butter Chicken at Crawford. Sunday was spent at Blue Frog, again very well made and sophisticated. Guess the scenes come a long way from being a gig at Razz to now having them headlining at this club.

We visited Soul Fry for their Monday Night Karaoke the following night. The place has begun to look rundown but the service is still quite friendly here. Also it adds that this is the only Karaoke Club in a long radius from Pali Hill. We also checked out Play, which turned out to be Ra, on the following Saturday. We d worked up the mood for Bollywood by now and really enjoyed the typically commercial, Bollywood night here, amidst the sea of teens keen on showing off the best their dads could afford. Other places I managed visiting include the Hard Rock Café (the setlist hadn’t changed from last year) and Hawaiian Shack with their retro hip hop night was nice but was nothing to bring home though. Hungamma is another newly opened joint we got to see. It turned out to be nothing of what I expected a retro pub to be. Very very average but they served a good hookah. All in all, one of my better trips to Bombay and really got the see the growing number of options people had here.

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