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New Releases 2007-II
Source: EMI Music

2CD Set
2CD MRP:695/

She’s back...
The stage is set and the lights are dimmed.
The long awaited return to the stage of chanteuse, pop artiste-supreme and showgirl extraordinaire. Prepare to be dazzled by the shimmering radiance of her star and her flamboyant exotic chorus line. Prepare to be transported through a kaleidoscope of toxic glamour, sparkle and pure, sublime pop.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Put your hands together for the Princess of Pop: Miss Kylie Minogue.

Kylie’s Showgirl Homecoming: Greatest Hits Tour opened in Sydney on Saturday 11th November 2006. Plans for this, the most anticipated concert event of the year had been underway for some time with rehearsals for the tour started back in August. This opening night, her first public performance in some time, was electrifying and is now to be made available on double CD release in time for her UK Tour in January 2007.

The original idea was for Kylie to complete the postponed Showgirl (Greatest Hits) Tour by bringing the show back to Australia this summer. Instead, Kylie pulled out all the stops and used the 2005 concert as the basis for a completely revamped show entitled Showgirl Homecoming.

Kylie has been reworking, rehearsing and overseeing each element of the new show to ensure that this tour is of spectacular proportions. The Showgirl Homecoming: Greatest Hits Tour has captured Kylie’s excitement and desire for her, and her audience, to have the truly unique concert experience, which you will now be able to hear on CD.

“Every tour has its own feeling and its own atmosphere. Each tour is a moment in time. Showgirl Homecoming will be about the people and the emotions on the night – it’s that element which will be the most unpredictable and the most beautiful.” - Kylie Minogue

1 Better the Devil You Know Somewhere Over the Rainbow 1
2 In Your Eyes Come into My World 2
3 White Diamond Chocolate 3
4 On a Night Like This I Believe in You 4
5 Shocked/What Do I Have to Do?/Spinning Around Dreams 5
6 Confide in Me Burning Up/Vogue 6
7 Cowboy Style Loco - Motion 7
8 Too Far I Should Be So Lucky 8
9 Red Blooded Woman Hand on Your Heart 9
10 Slow Unititled Track 10
11 Kids (featuring Bono) Can't Get You Out of My Head 11
Light Years/Turn It into Love 12
Especially for You 13
Love at First Sight 14

Album Name – OH NO

CD MRP: Rs.395/
On The Web: www.okgo.net

· 5 Star album review on Amazon.com
· “Million Ways” Dance Routine video has been downloaded 3 million times!!
· “Million Ways” most downloaded video in music history.
· “Here It Goes Again” synchronized treadmill video viewed an astounding 3.5 million times on youtube.com, it has eventually ranked as one of YouTube’s Top 10 videos of all time.
· OK GO performed “Here It Goes Again” live on treadmills at the MTV’s Video Music Awards on Thursday, August 31st The show was broadcast to close to 8 million viewers worldwide including India.

‘Oh No’, was recorded in Malmö, Sweden with producer Tore Johansson (Franz Ferdinand, the Cardigans). Dave Sardy, whose production credits include work with Oasis, Nine Inch Nails, and Jet, also joined the band in the studio. The result is an album that is leaner and grittier than their acclaimed, self-titled debut, but no less exuberant or ambitious. The video for, “A Million Ways”, exemplifies this new approach. Recorded with a budget of $24 dollars in the singer's backyard, the video, a single unedited shot of the band performing an elaborate, choreographed dance, was leaked to the Internet, and has become the most downloaded video ever.

OK Go formed in Chicago in 1998, but its roots run deeper—principal songwriters Damian Kulash and Tim Nordwind formed their first band together at age 13. The band's feverish live shows helped build them a large local fan base, and to opening slots with the likes of Elliott Smith. Their joyous power pop formula soon found its way to Capitol Records in the US via a brace of independently released singles, and by late 2002 they had recorded and released their debut album, with lead single "Get Over It" to critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

1. Invincible
2. Do What You Want
3. Here It Goes Again
4. A Good Idea At The Time
5. Oh Lately It's So Quiet
6. It's A Disaster
7. A Million Ways
8. No Sign Of Life
9. Let It Rain
10. Crash The Party
11. Television, Television
12. Maybe, This Time
13. The House Wins
14. 9027 Km

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