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Solving the Dressing Dilemma
Author: Ameesha Lathia
Source: www.about.com
It’s Valentines Day and as usual you’re in a quandary wondering what to wear and what not to wear. You’re looking for that perfect look which is you and yet a little different from the traditional “you” look. And even if you don’t have a date, get ready and make a date for yourself or with your friends or family!

So girls here are a few tips for you, which you can incorporate when your dress up.

Show your romantic side
Head-to-toe ruffles aren't neccessary; a hint of feminity is. Pair soft tops with structured pants or skirts; long, flowing skirts with a simple top. Wear one of those cute dresses and match it with some long necklaces.Pink and white are eternal favourites and look great on everyone.

Skip the sleaze
Dressing like an item girl on the date may get his attention, but come on you really don’t want to be in his mind branded as an item girl.. Instead try peekaboo styles that do keep something to the imagination: crocheted sweaters, sheer tops over a tank, slit skirts and lace!

Be comfortable
No need to hold your breath in tight jeans or in that really small top: opt for something with a bit of stretch if figure-hugging styles suit you. And stilettos may look sexy, but remember that you don’t want them so high that you might trip and fall on your face. Instead try the very in wedges, or the shoes that I’m very very partial too, the ballet shoes.

Reveal the real you
Whether it's your lucky charm bracelet or a groovy pin, let the real you shine through with well-thought-out pieces or accessories.
Simple ways to reveal bits of your personality:
*Wear your favorite color; hues tell alot about the wearer.
*Don a sentimental piece of jewelry (your grandmother's necklace; your friendship ring from junior high).
*Dress in a familiar style (only a bit better).

Also remember to keep your make up matching with your outfit and keep the place you’re going to also in mind and whether what time of the day you’re going for your date. You don’t want your make up to look over the top and scare him. Also try keeping your hair simple and no fuss.
I hope these tips have helped you decide and if you need help in where to go, you know you can always use our monthly calendar for ideas!

So from everyone at Best Of Bombay have a great Valentines Day!!

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