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Pick Of The Week
Author: Ameesha Lathia
Source: www.amazon.co.uk,www.indiafm.com,www.about.com,www.curry

Alentejo Blue by Monica Ali

"Alentejo Blue" is the story of the Portuguese village of Mamarrosa told through the lives of those who live there and those who are passing through - men and women, children and old people, locals, tourists and expatriates. For some, such as Teresa, a beautiful, dreamy village girl, it is a place from which to escape; for others - the dysfunctional Potts family - it is a way of running from trouble (but not eluding it). Vasco, a cafe owner who has never recovered from the death of his American wife, clings to a notion that his years in America make him superior to the other villagers. One English tourist makes Mamarrosa the subject of her fantasy of a new life, while for her compatriots, a young engaged couple, Mamarrosa is where their dreams finally fall apart. At the book's opening, an old man reflects on his long and troubled life in this beautiful and seemingly tranquil setting, and anticipates the return of Marco Afonso Rodrigues, the prodigal son of the village and a symbol of this now fast-changing world. The homecoming is the subject of continuing speculation, and when Marco Afonso Rodrigues does finally appear, villagers, tourists and expatriates are brought together and jealousies, passions and disappointments must inevitably collide.



Roy (Abhishek Bachchan) is a professional conman, who has raised his work to the level of an art. The only true thing he has is his love for Simmi (Priyanka Chopra) – someone who is so rooted, honest and sincere, that he can’t bring himself to tell her the reality of who he is. But when his past catches up with him, she cannot forgive him for the deceit their relationship is built on. He loses her forever. That’s when Aditya Srivastav (Riteish Deshmukh) enters the picture. He is the counterpoint to everything that Roy is – as frantic as Roy is calm, as dumb as Roy is smart, as messy and untidy as Roy is smooth. They have only one thing in common – Aditya is a conman too. At least he thinks of himself as one. In Roy’s book, he’s an embarrassment. But one that won’t go away!

Despite himself, or maybe to take his mind off Simmi, he agrees to teach Dittu the rules of the game. That’s when his world is spun upside down – he is forced to face facts that are a slap in the face. Suddenly Roy, who prides himself on being able to cheat anyone and anything, is pushed into a corner from where there is no exit.

With an outstanding and innovative musical score featuring a dazzling array of international and local talent, Bluffmaster! Promises an exhilarating roller coaster ride full of laughs, excitement and emotions that are quite unprecedented.


Long Necklaces

[|ln.jpg|]As silhouettes begin to move in a longer, leaner direction, necklaces follow suit with mid-torso lengths, layers and tassels. Everything from layers of beads to chunky gold chains look right this season.

The longer necklaces are a newer approach to after-five dressing where conventional wisdom paired a choker-length necklace with a strapless dress.



[|ds.jpg|]Dhansak is a spicy hot yet almost sweet and sour curry, which comprises of either meat or prawns combined with a lentil dahl. It is also possible to make a vegetarian version of this dish by using either paneer (Indian cheese) or a basic vegetable curry in place of the meat or fish. Dhansak is originally a Persian dish although the dhansak you are most likely to experience at your local curry restaurant would use a simple tarka dahl of split red lentils combined with tomatoes and occasionally fruit such as pineapple with the main meat or fish ingredient.

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