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Author: Nishita Lalvani
Source: www.pubclub.com
Las Vegas
Just the sound of the place makes one feel obligated to cut loose. "Hey, we're in Vegas" is the calling card heard 'round the city. It's almost as if your parents, boss or some other authoritative figure is not watching, like you are getting away with something behind someone's back.
There is no doubting that Las Vegas is touristy, tacky and trumped-up. Yet it is one of the few places on Earth that actually can get away with being this gaudy, flaunting its glitter in our faces like a pretty girl looking for attention. The makeup this gal wears is dazzling. Grand casino entrances sparkle from the street. Inside, places are the palaces of fantasy and pleasure. Everyone is treated like royalty. Behind this glitz and glitter is a spectacular scene with the energy of a rock show. Vegas' heart pumps 24 hours a day, hardly skipping a beat on weekends.

Much like the city itself, the nightlife in Las Vegas is mind boggling and overwhelming. There are so many choices, it's hard to know in which direction to head first. While the casinos are a must visit, there is a dazzling array of things to do with the money you've just won. Best of Bombay you a low-down on the most happening night-spots in the entertainment capital of the world.

Strip Clubs
What would Vegas be without it signature strip clubs?
The bars are largely empty at the beginning of the week so if you want to experience this side of Vegas nightlife, this is the time to do it. Because business is slow, they do more for less, more or less. The long-time leader is the Olympic Garden, but Sapphire (World's Largest Strip Club),Cheetah's and Paradise aren't far behind in terms of 'service'

Towards the weekend, the action revs up. Clubbers then can hit one Vegas' legendary dance clubs. The most popular are Rain and Ghost Bar in the Palms, Risque in the Paris, Baby's below the Hard Rock and Studio 54 in the MGM Grand

Gordon Biersch: Locals used to flock here after work for the live reggae.

VooDoo: An elegant semi-tropical bar with live music and a view from an outside deck that's one of the best in Vegas.

The Beach: Big, loud and energetic, with confetti-blasting howitzers and shooter girls. Think wild, uninhibited-a Florida dance bar.

For cheap drinks on the Strip you can't beat The Kanpai Bar, or Casino Royale

Vegas is famous for its free entertainment, and while the tacky lounge acts do indeed exist, there are some good choices. One of the best is at the MGM Grand's Main Casino Stage

Mandalay Bay's Red Square: It is a martini lounge decked out in cool, soft colors. It specialises in martinis with Russian names but the "coolest" part about the place is its hockey rink.

With the constant availability of alcohol, a dazzling array of entertainment options and an interesting crowd. , Vegas is a Mecca for the 'have money, will spend' types.

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