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What is it: Quick Bites

Where: Cusrow Baug, shop # 24, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai - 400039.

What it says about itself: Theobroma is primarily a dessert destination. The inspiration for which comes from a girlie tradition within our family. When dad was travelling, we simply had dessert for dinner. Mom baked and we then ate till we could eat no more. Often we went through recipe books, picked anything that took our fancy and mom would make it for us. Sometimes we bought a selection of ice creams, mom would
jazz them up and we’d make a meal of it. If we were up at midnight, we’d have a midnight party (just the three of us)!

This menu, short and selective, is a collection of our personal favourites. We come from a food-obsessed family and have been dreaming of our little shop selling things that taste and smell good. After a decade in our heads, we've ironed out the creases and present to you these divine calories.

Our blackboard lists our weekly specials. Sometimes our more exotic or innovative items, often just a little more indulgent or extravagant. Although we are creatures of habit and tend to be drawn to our favourites, we do
encourage you to try them. These may eventually find their way into our regular menu if they appear popular.

Theobroma means ‘Food of the Gods’ in greek. Theobroma is also the botanical name of the cocoa plant; we could not have named this shop anything else. Do enjoy our products, we hope you get addicted and keep coming back for more.

Tina & Kainaz

Phone: 65292929 / 65295629.

Open from: 11.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m.

Average Spend for 2: Rs. 200 - 500

What it costs: A quick sandwich and dessert would cost you about Rs.200/- But we recommened you just double up on the dessert!

Cuisine: Continental, Specialises in Desserts/Pastries

Home Delivery: Free Delivery upto Churchgate and beyond that they charge Rs.50.

Parking: No Valet, it is a busy street so becareful where you park.

Offers and Discounts: 50% discount on specific items after 9 pm.

Credit Cards: All credit cards are accepted.

Other Theobroma Outlets: Bandra to Vileparle

What we thought of it: Theobroma- which means 'Food of the Gods' is the sweetest little bakery cum cafe on Colaba Causeway.

Theobroma serves a wide range of sweet and savory patisserie, sandwiches, desserts and an exclusive range of premium chocolates. The cakes and desserts include fresh-cream pastries, fruit-flavoured cheesecake, melt-in-your-mouth gateaux, souffles and mousses. The shops also sell flaky croissants, puffs and cornets. The service is prompt and the location is great as it's situated right in the centre of a busy street, that is Colaba Causeway. So after you are tired of shopping, you are just steps away from relaxing in the aromatic ambience of Theobroma.
Recommended drinks: Grape Iced Tea, Milkshakes - Strawberry and Mango.
Recommended food: Chicken Rolls, Walnut Brownie, Chocochip Brownie and Marquise Almond Mousse.

Food / Drinks: 2.83
Service: 2.5
Ambiance: 2.33
Value: 2.5
Over All: 2.83

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